The fast & safe way to build
& deploy your industrial AI

A new approach in bringing intelligence to manufacturing. Minimize emissions, improve KPIs & mitigate hidden risks without coding tasks, hand-engineering or any physical asset simulation.


An AI Decision-Making platform for Industrial Processes

The simplicity in bringing intelligence to manufacturing, that many were looking for can now come to your industrial facility — thanks to an intuitive platform that brings humans, autonomous agents & production lines together.

Do It Yourself

Our platform is completely intuitive. It is enough to know how to train human operators on certain tasks and then apply the same approach onto our autonomous agents.

A native SaaS service

Industrial facilities run non-stop so are our support & troubleshooting services as well. Thanks to our cloud subscription-based framework, we want to make sure we keep your production running & your targets being achieved.


Physical process stimulation & system identification is from the past. Our platform guides you through configuring autonomous agents without interrupting or manipulation your industrial processes.

Step 1: Brainstorm Features

Collaborate with your team to represent your process into an initial snapshot by gathering intuitively the corresponding process variables. This step is guided by a comprehensive features-recommendation module.

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Step 2: Space-Time

Expand your snapshot by describing it within a human-machine loop. Set up limits for your variables in space domain, define action & feedback in time domain and finally specify your desired targets.

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Step 3: Train your Agent

The Train module will guide you through streaming your production data & adapting it to the current snapshot. Next, your expanded snapshot, the human-machine representation will undergo the training phase under a super-computing environment, resulting into an autonomous decision-making agent.

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