The intelligence platform that moves manufacturing forward

Making manufacturing convex & profitable

An intuitive-based approach technology that is shared among old & new generations of engineers. It is as well about positioning manufacturing in a convex standpoint: prepared for eventual downtime risks but evenly exploring & improving targets

Brainstorm Space-Time Features Overview Label Feature ID Type Contribution (PCA) Label Feature ID Status Domain Limits Acme Power Corp. Turbines_KPIs Power Out Water Flow (Kg/s) Pressure (bar) Numeric Feedback Feedback/Action 10 32 500 800 kW P + WF

A platform for intuitive engineering

Do It Yourself

  • Engineers are system integrators by practice. The platform has all the essential blocks needed for engineers to build creative solutions.
  • Easily understand real-life mimickry between operators & industrial processes: Markov spaces & Reinforcement Learning.
  • No hardware complexities. Most industry I/O modules, PLCs & DCS systems can exchange data with your trained autonomous agent.

Multi-user collaboration

Whether you want to decrease emissions or increase production, multiple teams can collaborate on any individual agent-training project.

Research & heuristics base

Have a difficulty in choosing the right features for your agents? With our extensive research support & practical heuristics, brainstorming agents becomes easier.

Hardware scalability

Our industrial agents are PC-based but can be scalable as well on most of industry-compliant mini-computer modules.

Streamline your project with sensory modules

Building smart agents for heavy-industry processes will lighten hardware use. PLCs & I/O modules act only as sensory entities in this case, for efficient data transfer.

Raspberry Pi Docker GRPC Modbus Texas Instruments Allen Bradley Arduino Wago

Connect with these modules lets you connect and exchange data with any industrial I/O module without the need for prior setup but rather the idea to let you customize your own hardware is key for more success.

Build & discover boundaries

Tinker endlessly with our tools, then take advantage from our Partners Program (upcoming).

Data & security

Your data is unlabeled. Our agents see numbers only instead of pre-defined process variables

Single-sign-on via industry standard authentication protocols

Support for two-factor authentication

256-bit encryption of data in transit and at rest

Keep your data secure

Although your data into our platform is unlabled & encrypted, we consider failing to protect your data is indeed failing as a company. The nature of our cloud service makes us accountable for any data mishandling.

Learn more about security