Improve KPIs, mitigate risk, and control emissions is the tool that brings manufacturing domain specialists, our end users, with the right building blocks platform to make industrial intelligence, once again, right.

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A non-predictive approach that attempts to find asymetries in complex process data. To simplify, our algorithms minimize the probabilities of mediocre output scenarios. A strategy that aims at building robust, survival-based agents, is what we believe it can be achieved with when mitigating production down-time or failure risk.

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A sample of plant-scale solutions

KPIs payoff

Product quality: Particle Size Distribution (PSD) in coal and cement grinding

Burning efficiency improvement: High-temperature Kilns in Mineral, Mettalurgy & Aluminium industry

Product output: Distillation columns, steel & mineral industry, energy & utilities

Widescale cooling, heating & energy management

Mitigating risk

Survival-Based Agents: Risk is mitigated by definition during KPIs or emission improvement thanks to the our agent algorithm structure that is based on survival-functions that account for bad events probability

Long-term robustness against MTBF

Long-term advantage: Less probability for bad process states

Emissions control

Largescale minimization: NOx and SOx emission in power plants and steel industry, HFCs in Alumina production...

Energy use & WHR: Our agents can be trained to propose advanced strategies in energy minimization and WHR management systems.

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Build anything with — customized solutions for any heavy industry business or large-scale energy management field can be brainstormed within hours between engineering teams, operators & maintenance personnel. is made for the intuitive decision-making of manufacturers, that is developped through years on the factory floor.

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