Feature engineering is transforming raw data into features that represent the physical industrial process

Brainstorm features

Build an abstract representation of your process through collaboration & smart recommendations.

SQUIDBOT.io is a deep learning hub for manufacturers where engineers build and train industrial agents in minutes. From describing your autonomous agent features directly from your existing supervisory system or simply adding new ones, the Brainstorm Features module couldn't be simpler for this task.

Design your agents with meaningful features

Features are representations your agent built-in algorithm can understand. From analog/digital I/Os to alarms, you can instantly describe your agent anatomy for a maximal performance.

Feature extraction from Industrial Processes has never been simpler

The Brainstorm Features gives you full visibility into your sensory level data streams. Prior to the features extraction process, you can easily connect, setup and monitor your data flow from third-party modules.

Brainstorm Space-Time Train Scaling Selection Overview Feedback Target Space Domain Overview Tuning Evaluation Deploy Feature Extraction Data Processing Action Label Feature ID Type Contribution (PCA) Label Feature ID Status Domain Limits Acme Power Corp. Turbines_KPIs Gross Power Water Flow (Kg/h) Pressure (bar) Numeric Feedback Feedback/Action 10 32 10000 16000 MW H/P Heater Categorical HP RPM Numeric RPM P + Hyperparameters WF RPM Feedback 2200 3000 Air | Air Temperature (°C) Air Pressure (bar) Numeric Feedback Categorical Action Air Damper (%) Add Feature RPM Type Status Discrete Target
  • Domain knowledge made simple

    Automatic recommendation for the most relevant features selected for your initial feature engineering task.

  • Easily handle qualitative features

    The most tedious part in any feature engineering job is making qualitative features understandable by agents. Not anymore.

  • Via-negativa approach

    Highly correlated variables will be automatically detected. The platform ensures less noise by removing unnecessary features.

Build industrial agents & improve your overall payoff

By bringing intuitive industrial agents design to manufacturers, engineers will explore new horizons using this technology

  • Less interventionism

    Less frustration about the overall features selection process

  • Heuristics-based

    Features that worked, are features that will work

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