Feature engineering is transforming raw data into features that represent the physical industrial process

Train your agent

Bringing life to your agents by training them on a deep learning heuristics-based environment.

SQUIDBOT.io is a deep learning hub for manufacturers where engineers build and train industrial agents in minutes. The Train module assists you instantly in connecting & initializing a deep learning instance & guides you through setting the right hyperparameters

Train agents without interfering in your physical process

Training agents to become decison-aware and training machines to become efficient is not the same thing. With SQUIDBOT.io, you don't have to intervene in your valuable assets to create efficiency.

Connect trained agents back to your production line

The train module is highly scalable in terms of connecting newly trained agents to existing processes through most of industry-compliant modules.

Brainstorm Space-Time Train Scaling Selection Overview Feedback Target Space Domain Overview Tuning Evaluation Deploy Feature Extraction Data Processing Action Cross-Entropy Loss Per Epoch Per Epoch Validation Loss Evaluation (Training) Acme Power Corp. Turbines_KPIs 0.25 0.20 0.15 0.10 0.25 0.20 0.15 0.10 Hyperparameters
  • Intuitive hyperparameters tuning

    Hyperparameters tuning for better training results can be challenging. It is now easier to be done.

  • Create training batches backups & snapshots

    Training agents can be repeated in case of any faulty data. Previous recent backups & batches can be brought back to production as well.

  • Training quality

    Users are notified automatically after each training session with alternative parameters setup, resulting in better accuracy & performance.

Train agents & explore beyond

Training agents is not about building only but rather about the education & discovery for potential future benefits for your business

  • Zero downtime

    Agents are trained by data only without any process simulation

  • Trial & error

    Try, learn & repeat endlessly

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